Day#3: Sea Otters and Generous People

Day #3: 130 team miles
Morro Bay-Santa Barbara, California

This morning our host took us to see the sea otters play by the Morro Bay rock! They feed on the kelp that grows there and apparently latch onto it for the night. Then like clockwork you can find them swimming on their backs and enjoying the water around 6:30 every morning.

We then drove to the church for a delicious breakfast that unfortunately we couldn’t eat too much of right before running or risk upset stomachs. I dedicated my run to Carol, the woman who had survived breast cancer, that I met yesterday. Sarah and I ran together today and saw some pretty amazing views. Some of the road wasn’t safe to run on so we moved on and ended up running four miles in Santa Barbara for our last leg. But that was a lot of fun as Leanne and Patty joined our group and we saw orange trees and huge fancy houses.

I was on team 2 again and because we had finished first we went to downtown where we had a very successful food run! While getting donations at Chick-fil-a (20 chicken sandwiches for the super sweet manager) Leanne and I met an elderly man who told us about having had prostrate cancer surgery. He then donated $40 to the cause! Chipotle then offered to feed the team for free so both teams met there and feasted!! People are so kind to us and so very generous!

Our host for the night was the Case de Maria, a conference center for people of faith. It was beautiful and had wonderful bunk beds where I quickly fell asleep after stretching and doing some core strengthening exercises. Another wonderful day on the run with some fantastic people!


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