The beginning is near!

June 12, 2014
Tomorrow morning I fly to San Francisco and I am so excited to officially begin this amazing journey! I am also humbled, fundraising for the 4K for Cancer has been an experience in itself that has opened my eyes to how much cancer affects all of us. When sharing with others about the run across America, people have offered their own stories of how cancer has taken loved ones or shaken their lives. One of my sister’s friend’s father is a doctor and fighting terminal cancer. A friend used to work at a day care where a young girl recently passed away after a brave fight with the deadly disease. Yet another friend just finished a paper that discussed how cancer affects young adults. Everyone has their own stories and each one depicts extreme courage in the face of a horrific disease that at times only hope can stand up to. As we start running from San Francisco to Baltimore we will do so remembering these stories and honoring others that we have yet to hear. We will never forget those who have passed away but we hope to honor them. We also run to bring hope to others who are battling cancer to this day. Hope for a brighter tomorrow and a world without cancer!


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