Why run across America?

This summer I wanted to have an adventure and do something I had never done before. I wanted to be challenged but I wanted to do something that would be meaningful not just for myself but for others. When I found the 4K for Cancer on Facebook I knew I had to look into it. The 4K is an organization that empowers young adults to raise money for young adults with cancer (the Ulman Cancer Fund). It is one that send groups of passionate 18-25 year olds on bike rides and runs across the country. When I saw “Run Across America” scroll across the webpage I knew I had to apply! I love to run (having started in 5th grade in conjunction with soccer) and have had many loved ones who have been affected by cancer. My grandmother and grandfather are both cancer survivors of kidney and skin cancers respectively. One of my high school teachers passed away because of the dreadful disease. When I was thinking about doing the 4K everyone I talked to was very encouraging and many shared their own cancer stories. After an application and interview I received a call saying I had been accepted to the 2014 running team! From there fundraising began and time flew until it was June 15th and we were set to start our journey! Our task? To run 4,000 miles in 42 days from San Francisco to Baltimore. This is that story. Enjoy! And if you’re feeling generous check out http://www.4Kforcancer.org/profiles/rebecca-eddy/ and your donation will go directly to helping young adults with cancer! Thank you!     




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