Day#10 Lodging woes turned into luxury

Day #10: 88 team miles
Hurricane-Cedar City, Utah (was supposed to be *Beaver)

Today we got to “sleep-in” until 5am. (After waking up at 3:45am, anything after that is sleeping-in! :P) Unfortunately it was a hard day for me leg wise. My junior year of high school I injured my Achilles tendon and it took me out for 6 months and caused me to spend a lot of time doing physical therapy. But I haven’t had any trouble with it since so when it became crunchy (from crepitus which is when joints rub against joints or bones rub against bones or there’s air in there) I immediately was wary. The first leg of the day Sydney and I started up a hill when my Achilles felt a sharp pain and I had to decide how the day would proceed. The smart thing to do was also the hard thing: to sit this one out and ice. I decided I would keep track of any miles I missed and run them on a rest day or at the end of the trip but I still hate to sit out! Hopefully if I take care of it properly it will heal quickly! I spent the extra time driving the vans and helping call ahead for food donations as well as cheering on teammates.

Tonight we were supposed to camp at a camp ground for free but the manager changed his mind so we were kind of in a bind. Luckily our resourceful leg leaders were able to find a Holiday Inn that allowed us to sleep in their breakfast room (and use one room for showering!) Unfortunately this changed our route a little bit as we stayed in Cedar City instead of Beaver, Utah but it all worked out in the end. Sadly the Cheese Factory in Beaver had offered us all free ice cream and so since we didn’t run there we couldn’t collect on her generous offer BUT even better a stand donated 26 shaved ice servings to us!! It was so delicious! And the hotel Wifi was superb!    



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