Day#11 Lost in the woods…but sometimes that’s okay :P

Day #11: 99 team miles
Cedar City-Gunnison, Utah

Today we went up in elevation to over 9,000 feet and did some trail running! Because of my Achilles I hiked a bit and we enjoyed some beautiful views! I’ve been icing, stretching, using a foam roller and otherwise trying to get rid of the crunchy sensation but it looks like I’ll just have to be persistent for a bit so hopefully I can get back out there doing all of my miles. For now I just keep track so I can make them up when I’m better. We all planned to go to the same trails to run since the roads weren’t safe but the first group left so quickly we weren’t able to follow and we got lost. We ended up driving around for about an hour and found a lovely forest road but not the other team. So we had to regroup were we started before heading to a different, closer trailhead. We ran in Dixie National Forest and hiked on the trails of Cascade Falls! Mo and Allison were my designated group for the day but we ended up having a bigger hiking group as a lot of people are fighting injuries.  

After running today we headed to the Gunnison Fire Station which is awesome! It even has lime green fire trucks! We also get to sleep in a loft and have an ICE MACHINE! It’s a very small town so we had to drive 30 minutes to a bigger store but I managed to get some compression-like socks and some cheap ankle braces which I’ll be trying the next couple of days. Katie, who is acting as our team athletic trainer (along with Michelle), rolled out my calves tonight. It is extremely painful but in the long run should break up some scar tissue and other junk and help them so I withstood it.


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