Day#5: Entering the desert…and getting spoiled :)

Day #5: 143 team miles
Santa Barbara-Bakersfield, California

Today was a very hot day! We started into the desert and the temperature reached into the 100s. Leanne and I had a great day though. We talked the entire run and made sure to keep each other motivated. We had one leg that was just one long uphill but instead of focusing on that we discussed our future careers and past internships. We also admired the scenery which included some lovely desert mountain views.

This evening was fantastic! Dr. Walker (Danielle’s mom) is awesome! She had talked to the Bakersfield Double Tree Hotel and they agreed to donate 5 hotel rooms and gave a discount for an additional two which she then donated. It was paradise! We had showers and super comfortable beds and even a pool and hot tub. A great thing that is often unappreciated? The ice machine. Preventative icing is definitely a necessity (at least for me) when doing high mileage to help prevent injury.

After finding our room in the maze of hallways we all met up clean and showered for dinner. Dr. Walker took us all our to eat at a pizza buffet for free! They even had a slurpee machine! All of which was extra appreciated after a scorching day running in the desert. Tonight I also got to see my old roommate from freshman year of college! (She lives in Bakersfield). So that was super fun! We all went to bed full and happy and enjoying the comfortable atmosphere complete with Wifi. 🙂 We were definitely spoiled today!


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