Day#7 Conquering the hills!

Day #7: 110 team miles
Barstow, California-Las Vegas, NV

Partner: Sarah

Today’s route was pretty hilly and overall a tough day but Sarah and I were determined and we kept a good pace! There is only one route from Barstow to Las Vegas and it’s a highway so we weren’t able to run along the route due to safety. Instead we ran our miles on an out and back from Barstow (the same number of miles we would have run on the highway) to some hilly terrain in the middle of nowhere (and back) and then we drove the rest of the day to Las Vegas. Sarah and I ran hard especially up a 2.5 mile hill which we conquered! We kept hoping we would get to the top of the hill and get to enjoy the downhill but by the time we reached the climax our leg had ended and another team got to enjoy our downhill. 😦

At night we went out in our vans and drove along the Strip stopping to take a picture with the Las Vegas sign. But first we had a fancy dinner thanks to a donation from Patty’s uncle’s scholarship fund! We stayed at Henderson Fire Station which is hosting us for two nights! (Tomorrow is our second rest day!) They let us take over the training rooms to spread out our sleeping bags.


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