Day#8 Donations, donations, donations

Day #8: 130 team miles
Las Vegas, Nevada REST DAY

Today we could wake up whenever we wanted but after a week of getting up super early I woke up early anyway. I then went with Cara, Maelyn and Katie to ask for food donations. We spent all morning and into the afternoon but got very few positive responses. We did get a $25 gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory! But other than that a lot of restaurants and stores told us we had to go through corporate or just plain no. It’s interesting you can go to two different stores in a chain and one might say yes immediately and the other might tell you to go though corporate, it all depends on the manager really. Tonight was our second day at the Henderson Fire Department so after a long morning of searching for food donations it was nice to sit down and find that the other groups had had more luck then us. We watched the World Cup USA vs. Portugal game which in the last 30 seconds saw Portugal score to tie 2-2 with the US. It was a very exciting game with Mo and Zach cheering on Portugal and the rest of us for the US. This morning I had called a nearby IHOP and they agreed to donate a bunch of food for dinner if we came and ate in. So at 5 we went and each table was given an assortment of dishes which we all shared. No one left hungry! Kind of a tiring rest day with asking for donations but a successful one none the less. We also walked around the Strip and got postcards (as well as a magnet for my new collection) when we stopped to ask for food donations at a nearby Whole Foods.    


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