Day#9 Three States in One Day!

Day #9: 146 team miles + a number of miles hiking in Zion National Park 🙂 
Las Vegas-Hurricane, UT

We had a very early wakeup at 3:45am! My running partners for the day were Cara and Kenzie and we had one two mile interval in particular that we ran at a particular good pace! We tried to run through Lake Mead national recreation area but apparently you have to pay per person and per vehicle and have a permit and if you’re caught running through the park without a permit you can get a fine of $1000. Genny was the park ranger and was not very nice. She just kept shaking her head and saying no so we had to just drive through. At the end of the day when we did an out and back to finish our miles (since we couldn’t run through Lake Mead) and the temperature got into the 100s and unfortunately my left Achilles tendon started to hurt. But we traveled through Nevada, Arizona and Utah today! 3 states in one day! And though we were all tired, a group of us went to hike in the beautiful Zion National park this evening! We couldn’t pass up the opportunity and though we slept on the shuttle I don’t think any of us regretted going. It was wonderful! We stayed at Hurricane Community Center (oh fun fact Hurricane, Utah pronounces its town name as hurri-ken) where we slept in a meeting room. There were showers we could use about a mile away at a pool but since we went hiking we didn’t get back in time to use them so Katie and I went in a kiddie fountain at the nearby playground. It was chilly but so refreshing! 



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