Kynlee’s Story – Fighting Cancer at Age 3



Gunnison, Utah

Today the fire fighters (who hosted us) made the best dinner ever! But the highlight of the night was definitely our guest of honor. Little three year old Kynlee is fighting Leukeumia. She was diagnosed in October of last year and this year near her one year mark she and her family are planning on going to Disneyworld. It will be her Make-A-Wish wish! Her mom says she wants to be Tinker Bell. 🙂 The family will get to stay at the “Give Kids the World” village which is specifically for Make-A-Wish kids and their families. Bree, one of our teammates, who went there (as a Make-A-Wish kid herself at age 7 when she had Leukemia) says they have free ice cream all the time!

Kynlee is set for three years of chemo treatment (counting the past months) and then will be checked constantly until age 12 if all goes well. She has had 14 spinal taps in the past months to get the chemo into her small body. She is currently on a two week break from treatment but usually goes up once a week, every week, to Salt Lake City (2 and a half hours away) with her mom for treatment. Her mom says she hasn’t had too many side effects except when on the steroids which make her feel very unwell. She used to have beautiful curls but currently has very short hair which today was accented with an adorable flower headband that is her favorite color: pink.

It was so cute! Kynlee said she loves the movie Frozen and we asked her if she likes Anna or Elsa better. When she answered “Anna” her mom said that was the first time she said that, to which little Kynlee responded “I like to mix it up sometimes.” 😛 She has such a fun
personality! So cute and sweet. Her dad is constantly traveling for workynleek but her mom says they focus on how much fun it will be when he comes home and they go to Disneyworld together. She says she thinks it will be relaxing and a good break for the whole family.

Kynlee has a 5 year old brother and a 7 year old sister. Her mom says her siblings sometimes act strangely and her brother can be
pretty emotional but that they are handling everything ok. She said her older daughter is sometimes jealous of all of the attention Kinley gets and sometimes her brother asks to “be tickled too” since Kinley loves being tickled. But she says they really listen to Kinley and to what their other children need too because they all need lots of love during this time especially.

Kids like Kynlee are so inspiring! Her mom says the doctor said she would get used to having the needles injected but she hasn’t. She told us that Kynlee has a hard time with that and sometimes says “Why are you doing this to me?” 😦 But after treatment day, and the next day when she’s feeling pretty sick, she bounces back and loves to be out of the house. Her mom says sometimes people comment that Kynlee is out and about too much but that is exactly what Kynlee loves to do. She loves going to the park and the lake and it certainly seems like a much better thing to be living life than sitting at home all of the time! I think she and her family are absolutely amazing. When things get tough they stick together and pull through. It’s also nice that their entire extended family lives very close by for support. When communities come together people are able to draw strength from the support surrounding them.

Here’s the thing though: cancer is so unfair. Kids like Kynlee are so little and especially with having to have chemo for three years, they know nothing other than what they are experiencing. Some of their childhood is stolen from them. Luckily there are a lot of things Kynlee won’t remember about this time period and with great doctors and hospitals she should recover and have an awesome future ahead of her! Her mom told us that the type of cancer Kynlee has the longest treatment period 😦 but is the most curable type of Leukemia – yay!! Please keep this little heroine and her family in your prayers!


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