Day#17 Grand Teton National Park

Day #17: 108 team miles
Jackson-Lander, Wyoming

Today we ran through Grand Teton National Park! It was absolutely stunning! The snowy peaks were directly to our left and there was even a bike path for a bit so we didn’t have to run on the road’s shoulder. There were wildflowers blooming all over and the temperature was perfect for running: grandtetonsnot too warm or too cold. Sydney and I were running partners and we learned each other’s life goals and many other random facts. 🙂 I dedicated the day to Ms. Laura Kay and Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith has been battling cancer for the past 10 years and is the grandfather of one of my friends. It’s amazing that someone could have such determination and courage to face such a dreadful disease for such a long time! What an inspiration!

After our run we saw a bison!!! It was grazing right by the road so we pulled alongside (at a safe distance of course) a watched him eat for a bit. It was so cool! Bison are massive! We also saw some incredible views as we continued on to our host for the night: an Episcopal church in Lander.

Upon reaching the host we went to a nearby pool where the manager waived the shower fee and graciously allowed us to use their facilities. We then were treated to an incredible home-made lasagna dinner by some ladies from the church. They were super sweet! Now here we are at the laundromat before heading to bed, exhausted but having had a pretty fantastic day!


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