Day#19 People constantly amaze me

Day #19: 138 team miles
Rawlin-Laramie, Wyoming
Running Partner: Michelle/various team members

Today was an amazing day! It started when the pastor of the church and some members of the congregation so selflessly made us a magnificent breakfast at an extremely early hour. They had cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs (thoughtfully made with water so our dairy free people could eat them too), fruit, sausage, biscuits etc. Sadly I couldn’t eat too much since we were about to run and I was to run the first leg of the day. But it was delicious!

Michelle and I started our first three mile run by getting lost. Just a few blocks extra since we didn’t see the chalk marking the route but luckily Michelle had the directions on her phone so we got back on track fairly quickly! We had to be shuttled over a bridge since there wasn’t a shoulder but then in our last mile and a half we looked over and saw two deer literally feet away. Of course we got pictures with them. 🙂 Today we also saw many rabbits (they hop all around Laramie in particular), a coyote (we think), were warned of a rattlesnake by a biker (but didn’t run into him thankfully) as well as many mosquitos. After getting in most of our miles we drove through the Rockies which are stunning!! Of course we had to stop for a snow ball fight snowmanand to build a snowman. Snow in July! And to see various sights. We then finished out miles running around Laramie (since a lot of the roads on the route were unsafe). We got to see the University of Wyoming’s lovely campus and after finding out about an old tradition of the “good luck T-Rex” we tried to track him down. It was slightly difficult but eventually we found the geology building by which he resides. Students at UW try to throw pine cones in his mouth and if you get one in you’re supposed to have good luck for your exams. Mo managed to get two pine cones in and Bree got one in as well. Sadly Michelle, Kenzie and I were not as lucky! But she said she would share so there’s that. 😛 As we were leaving campus we met a man who asked about our trip and shared his own cancer stories with us as well as his faith. He asked how he could pray for us and then did so right then which was pretty cool. He also emptied his wallet to donate to the cause! People are so amazing!

Speaking of amazing people, today I dedicated my run to Susan, a 6 year cancer survivor we met in Jackson Hole who was amazingly generous and fed us all at her restaurant! And to Sofia. I used the restroom in an art gallery the other day and the man there told me about his daughter who at 17 had cancer. She now unfortunately has a titanium leg but is cancer free! And has such an inspiring story!

Tonight we are staying at the Newman Center at University of Wyoming. After our run in town, we went to pick up some food donations other team members had already secured. We got a whole tray of Subway sandwiches and a pan of enchiladas. Other team members also brought in items from Taco Bell and Taco John’s, a Thai food place, an entire giant thing of bananas, some cantaloupes, three bags of lunch meat and various other items so we are very well stocked for today and tomorrow! Then we went to the Laramie Rec Center which graciously allowed us to use their showers. While entering the building Kenzie and I noticed a memorial to “the youth who were lost before their time.” It is a series of bronzed pairs of empty jean pants in running position and is entitled “Mourning Run.” It made me thing of a little girl I ran for early during this trip, she was 14 when she passed away from brain cancer this past December. Her family has been amazingly inspiring in that they have treasured the amount of time they had with her and have shared their faith with others in that God is always there.


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