Day#20 Happy 4th of July!!!


Day #20: 110 team miles
Laramie, Wyoming – Boulder, Colorado
Running Partner: Kelsi for 5 miles and Bree for 4

Happy 4th of July!!! This summer I have had the amazing opportunity to travel across our beautiful nation by foot. I have met so many inspiring and wonderful people and really gotten to see the diverse terrain that makes up our country. This journey reminds me that it’s truly our differences uniting as a magnificent mosaic that make the USA shine!4thofjuly

Since it was July 4th and most of the team had ordered star spangled banner-running shorts we wore those as well as all kinds of different decorative red, white and blue items. We had temporary tattoos, two teammates sprayed their hair different colors, people had fun glasses and bandanas and hairbands! Lots of spirit for independence day!

We split into our two teams for the day and I went with team 2 to the halfway start point which was near Fort Collins. The first pairs ran through town but then we got to some unsafe roads (fast traveling cars and narrow shoulders) so we bypassed those and found a trail. Kelsi and I finished our first three mile leg there and then Bree and I went 4.2 more (2.1 out, turn around and 2.1 back) along the Coyote trail. It brought us to a beautiful view point but when we were almost to the top we had a big reminder of how cautious you have to be on the run. Literally two feet in front of us was a rattlesnake. At first we didn’t know exactlyrattlesnake what kind of snake it was because it looked a greenish color rather than the usual brown or yellow we expected but when it shook its tail in warning we knew for sure. Our hearts raced and we backed away before sprinting off. (See pic at right for evidence). Thankfully we reached the end of the trail with no more surprises except for a number of adorable prairie dogs. My left Achilles tendon was acting up so we took it easy and enjoyed the trail.

After finishing our miles for the day on the roads outside of Boulder we arrived at our host for the night: the First United Methodist Church on Spruce Street. However, my Aunt came to visit, so I got to stay with her at Hotel Boulderado!!! It was so wonderful! The hotel is very historic and our room was especially lovely. We walked around Pearl Street and had dinner at Riff’s (which was delicious). And then we had a perfect view of University of Colorado’s firework show from our 5th floor window. It was so great to have a chance to see her and so amazing to actually have a bed to sleep in and a shower! The best part was hearing about her life and many adventures to different countries and states.


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