Day#21 Bolder Boulder

Day #21: REST DAY
Boulder, Colorado

This morning I woke up and ate breakfast with Aunt Louise at the Hotel Boulderado. We both had an egg-potato-avocado entrée that was delicious! We had a great talk and then had to check out of the hotel. She dropped me off at the church where we’re staying and then headed back to Denver.

Arriving back at the church, I went with a group to the Boulder Running Company! (We’re all big fans of running stores of course.) There were many signs for the Bolder Boulder 10K which is held on Memorial day every year and I think would be a lot of fun to run. Then I went to the boulderBoulder Center for Sports Medicine. My dad had set up an appointment with a physical therapist who is a friend of a friend of his. The place is amazing with so much wonderful equipment and physical therapists and doctors who regularly see Olympians and World Champion athletes. Dr. Tim was extremely knowledgeable and I was so grateful that he was willing to help me out. He was able to figure out that one of my hips was weaker than the other leading to my Achilles pain and gave me some great ways to correct the problem. He also showed me how I can tape it to relieve some of the pressure of running. It was very enlightening and I am so appreciate of his expertise.

After the appointment I walked around Pearl Street with Maelyn and Katie. We looked in the shops and saw street performers. We also saw a lot of University of Colorado: Boulder stuff which was cool since my mom went to college there.

Now I’m hanging out at the host while some people go to the movies to watch The Fault in Our Stars. If you haven’t seen it, it paints a picture of what it’s like for young adults dealing with cancer. Bring tissues though because it is also heartbreaking!


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