Day#22 Road Bumps

Day #22: 155 team miles
Boulder – Yuma, Colorado
Running Partner: Matt
Temps: up to 98 in the afternoon


Today several of my teammates and I dedicated our run in honor of a sweet little superhero baby boy named Bennett. One of my sorority sisters told Bennett’s story to our chapter last year and he has inspired all of us so much! He and his family are absolutely amazing. He had so much courage and strength! And his parents show such love and joy in everything they do (clearly visible through their Facebook page “Team Bennett”). They are in my constant thoughts and prayers though I’ve never had the pleasure to meet this family. Hopefully Bennett smiles down and will definitely be with us in spirit on our run today!

Today was quite the day! We had a number of different little bumps in the road but each individually ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) and contributed to the team total of 155 miles for the day!

It was right before Matt and I were supposed to take our turn driving the pick-up van. We had just finished our second three mile leg when it was discovered that the van’s right rear tire was flat. A large construction nail had sunk in and we were temporarily out of commission. Luckily we had Zach and Matt to save the day! They knew what they were doing and were able to put on the temporary tire so we could drive to an auto repair shop. It was a little bit difficult to find one open on a Sunday but when we did they heard our story and kindly changed it for free!

Unfortunately the tire incident took two hours of our cool morning time and the temperature started to rise as the afternoon continued. Then Natalie and Mo thought it was a 35 mph zone but it was actually a 25 so we were pulled over. After explaining that they hadn’t seen the 25 mph sign the officers kindly gave them a warning – for which we were all extremely grateful! Then we had to skip a section of the road because of safety so ended up driving to the host for our last four miles.

Despite these occurrences we were determined to finish! These things also got me thinking about the life of a cancer patient. I thought a lot about was how we can stop the pain of running at any time. We can walk or decide not to give it our all. However, someone who’s sick, someone who has cancer cannot make this same decision. They can’t stop the pain. And it was for them that I pushed myself the last couple of miles.

The last 4 miles Matt and I ran in Yuma and managed to find a little bit of shade in a loop around the town cemetery. We also had a great talk about life. Upon finishing for the day we met our amazing hosts at the Church of Nazarene. They have been hosting the 4K for Cancer bike rides for 11 years now! (11 of the 13 it has been happening). They knew exactly what to expect and the kinds of foods we all love – lots of fruit, vegetables and different things for people with food restrictions! The other really cool thing was that they are also hosting Team Portland (one of the four bike teams). It was a wonderful experience to meet another 4K team!

Another exciting thing: tomorrow we’re supposed to get a mini-van whose sole purpose is to go get food donations! This will make it so that we won’t have to go every day after running to look for food. Also Steven Hershey, one of the 4K staff members, is coming for a few days too!

*One final note, last night I went with Natalie to a Laundromat (Basemar Laundromat) where we met Andrew (who works there) and he told us of his best friend’s dad who had died of cancer that very day. I told him I would run for him the next day (today). His name was Gary Johansan, so today was for Gary.


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