Day#23 I love Arapahoe!

Day #23: 130 team miles
Yuma, Colorado – Arapahoe, Nebraska
Running Partner: Leanne (and Patty for the last 4 miles)

Today Leanne and I ran 10 miles together! We started our first leg near some old helicopters and had random photo stops with some hay bales. Patty’s partner wasn’t feeling well so she joined us for the last four miles. Unfortunately my Achilles tendon wasn’t happy for the last bit but we all pushed through.

Tonight we were welcomed by the Arapahoe Christian Church! They allowed us into their homes to shower and then fed us some delicious food. We also had the chance to talk to the Vacation Bible School kids about the 4K for Cancer. They were very interested and one girl told us about her aunt having had cancer. (Now she’s a survivor!)

This evening we walked around town and stopped for 99 cent ice cream sundaes! Later we went to the $1 movie theatre which was playing Maleficient. During the summer they play different new releases for only $1! They also have a pool in the park that only costs $1. Everything is so cheap because it’s locally run!

A lot of people are sleeping in the church but the pastor also offered up his trailer so Bree and I slept out there on a real mattress! There was a storm predicted but instead the skies stayed clear and it was light out until nearly 10pm! The sunset was beautiful. 🙂


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