Day#24 Food van duties with Tay!

Day #24: 155 team miles
Arapahoe – Fairbury, Nebraska
Running Partner: Food van duty with Taylor

Now that we have the mini-van, two people every day are picked to be in charge of food donations for the day so Taylor and I were up. Throughout the journey every team member will have a turn to be in the food van. It was kind of a good thing that today was my day so that my Achilles tendon could rest but Taylor and I both decided that we will definitely make up the miles we missed today. Driving along the road we passed into Kansas briefly before deciding there weren’t enough businesses in that area to ask for donations – so we headed back to Nebraska. We passed many corn fields and lovely hay bales.

The drive between towns lasted around 3 hours but we made many stops along the way to ask for donations. We first stopped in Nelson, Nebraska where a very kind man was just opening his grocery store. He filled two bags full of fruits and granola bars for us and gave us a pack of Gatorades as well. Then we went to Superior where a grocery gave us a $50 donation and let us pick out whatever the team needed for that amount. We also were given two pizzas from Pizza Hut and three from Hunt Brother’s Pizza. We tried a number of other places but that was the main haul for the day. People are so generous! It’s amazing we’ll just walk in and explain our story and a lot of businesses are more than willing to help. This allows us to make sure the money we raise goes right to cancer support (not having to spend it on food). 🙂 A big thanks to all of the kind folks of Nebraska who helped us out today!

Upon arriving at the host we heard about team 2’s adventures for the day. They apparently got stuck in the mud and had poor roads all day. 😦 They ended up getting Scar (the van) covered in mud as well as their shoes but they kept up good attitudes! A few of them had to finish their miles in Fairbury though.

The nearby community center allowed us free use of their pool, hot tub and showers. And the church was gracious in letting us use their kitchen so we could make mac and cheese, rice, soup and salad for dinner. All in all today was pretty successful and made me excited for our run tomorrow!


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