Day#25 Time is flying by!

Day #25: 125 team miles
Fairbury, Nebraska – Lawrence, Kansas
Running Partner: Jovia (and Danielle for the first six miles)

I can’t believe it’s already day 25! 25 days ago we set off from San Francisco on an amazing journey of over 4000 miles with 25 teammates we had never met before. We are now super close as a team and can tell you every person’s food restrictions, strange habits, running styles, number of times they sneeze consecutively, and so much more. We have team members from Alaska, Washington, Oregon (me), California, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Missouri, and many places in between! Each person has their own stories as to why they are taking part in this experience and each person hopes to bring forth something positive out of this experience. It’s amazing to be surrounded by such positive and inspiring people!

This morning we crossed the border into Kansas! Whoever said Kansas is flat…at least the parts we passed through…were not. There were many rolling hills and expansive corn fields that extended for miles. The day started to warm up as Jovie, Danielle and I had some fun conversations and finished our first two legs for the day. Every now and then we would get a waft of manure and when passing some kind of woodwork shop we enjoyed laughing at a sign that said “Enjoy your big green egg on your new deck.” We couldn’t quite figure out what a “big green egg” might be though?Our 12 miles went fast and since we were team 1 we had a ways to drive to reach our host.

Our host for the next two nights (tomorrow is a rest day) is the Trinity Episcopal Church in Lawrence. It’s a beautiful building and conveniently located only a block away from downtown, and the lovely Massachusetts Street. A local recreation center allowed us to use their showers so we were able to get nice and clean! And Katie’s mom donated a delicious dinner of pizza, salad and pasta! Then a news reporter showed up for some 4K coverage and some church members brought us ice cream. Altogether a wonderful day!


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