Day#26 Meeting other runners in Kansas!

Day #26: REST DAY
Lawrence, Kansas

Michelle, Zach and I walked around Massachussetes Street this morning. There are so many cute little shops! We went into one, Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop, and were welcomed very kindly. They even gave us some free stickers for our water bottles! Next we stopped by a lovely book store, The Signs of Life, where the sweetest lady worked! She told us how she had met one of the 4K bike teams who had come through town and how they had sat on her steps and told her of their adventures. She invited us to sit upstairs in their art gallery where it was cool and there was excellent Wifi access so later this afternoon I came back with Bree to do just that. Many shops we2 entered people would recognize our blue and yellow shirts and ask us follow up questions about our trip (having seen so many of us wandering around). It was pretty cool! We also stopped into Garry Gribble’s Running Sports store. The man who was working at the time donated a bunch of 1Gu packets, saying Garry would do it himself if he were there. On our way back to the church we suddenly found a huge crowd of runners storming towards us! When they had to stop for a red light we asked a lady what they were up to and she told us it was a part of “Dog Days” a free workout group offered in Lawrence in the summer at 6am and 6pm most days. It was awesome to see so many people our running and we got many invitations to join! I would have too had I not been in sandals and carrying my laptop. 😛


This evening the church donated pizza for our dinner and then about 16 of us went to the Laundromat before returning to bed. It was a great day and hopefully everyone will be rested and ready for tomorrow!

4 This is our awesome host in Lawrence!


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