Day#27 Trail Running Adventures

Day #27: 103 team miles
Lawrence, Kansas – Emma, Missouri
Running Partner: Bree

Today we realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore when we crossed into Missouri! 😉 We had a little bit of a struggle getting a picture of the state sign, it was on the side of a very busy highway withb no pull out point meaning we had to get off on the exit and climb up the side of the hill, but we managed. I think Natalie’s extreme excitement at reaching her home state made us all determined to get that picture!

The leg leaders tried their best but there just weren’t enough safe roads to run between Lawrence and Emma so we went to the Little Blue Trace Trail in Independence, Missouri for today’s run! Although it feels more like we are running across America when we run the actual d

routes, and in a perfect world we would run them all, the next best thing is trail running! I absolutely love trails! There are no cars to worry about and often there is lovely scenery!

By the end of the day we were all drenched as we have moved from the dry heat of the west into humid territories but we had earned that sweat so it wasn’t so bad. (And thankfully we got to shower almost immediately when we got back  at a nearby high school/junior college). Bree and I ran our 10 miles and kept each other motivated! Our wonderful host for the night is the Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The rooms we are sleeping in have wonderful air conditioning and many people took pre-dinner naps. Several ladies of the congregation made us an absolutely delicious spaghetti dinner with salad, bread, fruit, and even dessert! They even took into account food restrictions and made some gluten free pasta for our gluten free teammates. 🙂 We also met the pastor, his wife and their darling 7 week old baby, Hannah Grace. 🙂 Today was a very satisfying day and now all that’s left is to get a good sleep for tomorrow! Thanks for reading!  

pic5 c

Today I ran in memory of two amazing people who passed away from cancer, Mrs. Joyce Powell and Mr. Merrell. They continue to inspire me and many others to this day!



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