Day#28 Mizzou!

m1     m3

I love MIZZOU!!

Day #28: 72 team miles
Emma – Columbia, Missouri
Running Partner: Mae and Sydney (and then Jovia and Devin and later Taylor, Leanne and Bree)

Today I ran in honor of one of my friend’s mom’s who beat breast cancer! As well as in memory of the mom of a teammate’s boyfriend who passed away a year ago today. It definitely gave me strength thinking of them and having their names across my calves.

The leg leaders were unable to look at the roads again because of the poor internet connection so we got to run on trails! I was fine with that haha – I seriously love trails! We went ahead and drove to our host, the Kappa Delta Sorority House at University of Missouri, which is very lovely and included beds where we got to sleep! 🙂 (Definitely a big deal whenever we don’t have to blow up our pump-less sleeping pads.) Also, just a side note, but another highlight of the day was that the sorority I am a member of , Sigma Sigma Sigma, has a Mizzou chapter and I got to see their beautiful house!

After arriving, we split up into groups to get our miles in. My group went to run on a nearby trail, the MKT Trail. The MKT trail goes along a creek and is shaded through the woods with light

m4gravel. But first, Natalie (who went to Mizzou and was president of KD, which is why we’re staying at their house) was a campus tour guide for the school, gave us a walking tour of campus! I absolutely love this campus! The architecture of the buildings, the statues, the flower beds…everything was amazing! Also the student recreation center’s machine was down so they let us use the rec center for free! It was once called the #1 rec center in the US by sports illustrated (the only time they ranked schools) and is HUGE! There is even a lazy river and huge indoor and outdoor pools!

The food van had done a fantastic job so we had plenty to eat today and snack on (giant donated pretzels) and it ended up being a really relaxing day. I ran, went to the campus bookstore, went to the rec center, and then we went to a local restaurant. Natalie had talked to two different restaurants and they donated free meals to everyone! The food was delicious! We ended with a team pow wow where we had some bonding time and then bedtime. 🙂 Another great day on the run!

m5    Our lovely host. 🙂

m2 The Tri Sigma house!!!


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