Day#29 Forrest Park and the zoo!

w3 Where our day began w1

Day #29: 100 team miles
Columbia – St. Louis, Missouri
Running Partner: Michelle

I guess the Missouri highways just don’t want us to run on them! We started the day running on highway Z which was pretty peaceful and pleasant…except for the ticks! A number of people w2found them on their arms and legs and then we ran out of safe roads so we decided to drive to the host. We are staying in the Lein House dorm at Washington University in St. Louis. The campus is AMAZING! And it’s right by a huge park called Forrest Park.

Mo, Haerie, Michelle and I started out together on our run through the park this morning. There’s a golf course, a free art museum, other museums and even a free Zoo!! We decided to add in miles walking around the zoo (our total running and walking miles for the day ended up being 12-13). And we had a blast! There are tigers, bears, flamingos, giraffes, and so many other wonderful animals! I would definitely recommend St. Louis to any family looking for free stuff to do because there are so many cool and affordable things to do here.

By the time we returned to the dorms it was past 4 o’clock! I took a shower and then swung in a hammock for a bit – it was wonderful. Also we have beds again!!! Super comfortable ones and Wifi so I can write this in a timely manner. 🙂 The food van did a great job getting stuff for us to eat so we could all just hang out this evening. A group of us also went to a ice cream/frozen yogurt place where the owner was super excited to hear about our adventures. He had us take a picture with our van so he could put it on their company Facebook page! He told us about how he and his wife have been in the business for nearly four years now and have a great partnership with two local dairies. I have to say the frozen yogurt was excellent and everyone said the ice cream was too! We also saw the famous St. Louis arc on the way back to the host. I can’t wait to see it up close tomorrow! Also we have free donated massages and then are volunteering at a hospital! It should be another great day!

w5    And ended 🙂w4


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