Day#30 4K Fun

Day #30: REST DAY
St. Louis, Missouri


Today we had a service trip to Mercy Hospital’s David C. Platt Cancer Center. We delivered chemo care bags and got to meet some of the patients. We also got to walk through the children’s unit which is Cardinals (baseball team) themed. While there we met Joey, who is five years old, and undergoing chemotherapy. He grabbed our hands and played ball with us as 1he stayed hooked up to a machine that was administering life-saving medicine to his little body. We also met an 8 year old girl who was riding a little scooter-type toy around the center at top speed. Her head had been shaved but she played, at least for the moment, as if she didn’t have a care in the world. If only this were true! Thankfully she is 6in excellent hands at Mercy and has a loving family to care for her. Times like today, when we go into different communities and get to meet some of the people we are helping and running for gives so much more meaning to our run!

On that note: a quick blurb about my donations page! I am getting really close to my goal but need your help! If you are willing and able please consider donating (it’s tax deductible), and will go directly to helping cancer patients!  Plus it’s super easy 🙂 all you need to do is go to this link and hit “give now”:

*Also if you’re between 18-25 years old and are interested in the idea of running or riding a bike across the country for cancer, check out the website and consider applying for next year’s team! ->


After our service event a local massage school donated massages to the team! It was quite a treat! A thunderstorm then blew in as people tried Ted Drewes’ delicious frozen custard, and then the sky cleared up to reveal a beautiful evening. We then decided to go downtown where we saw the outside of the Cardinals stadium and the famous Gateway Arch (which is said to be the “gateway to the West”). As the sun set we caught fire flies in the park and took a look in the museum that sits underneath the arch. It was quite a magical day!


The Gateway Arch!



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