Day#31 Another beautiful day :)

Day #31: 111 team miles
St. Louis, Missouri – Effingham, Illinois
Running Partner: Leanne


We had our dedication circle this morning outside of Lien House, the wonderful dorm we stayed at while being hosted by Washington University, which had therapeutic mattresses! It was so kind of them to let us stay for two nights. 🙂 I dedicated my day to Joey (a 5 year old who we met at Mercy Hospital yesterday) and Mrs. Sandy.

On the way to our starting point for the day our van lost track of the group so we added oh maybe a good hour to our drive? We kept in good spirits though by switching off with driving duties and stopping at a gas station for hot chocolate. The other groups decided they didn’t feel safe on the road so we met them at the trails of the Ballard Nature Center (5253 U.S. 40, Altamont, IL 62411). 2I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to log some miles in the area! They’re beautiful and include trails through the woods, across wetlands, across fields and through flowers. 🙂 The weather was sunny and absolutely perfect along with the shaded trails. Leanne and I had a great time with our 11 miles and I only had to pull one tick off my leg! (Mo found two…) Also while deep in the woods we found a troll bridge so we made sure to stay cautious and tread carefully. All in all we had some great discussions about our future and I felt great!


Tonight we’re being hosted by the Christ’s Church of Effingham – this church is amazing! Someone here has fantastic painting skills and it’s absolutely a wonderland for kids and teens. The youth room has a rock wall, there are air hockey tables and a slide that goes from the 2nd floor down to the first through the walls/ceiling! This seems like the perfect place for kids to play and get to know God! After reaching our host a group of us went to a nearby pool which allowed us to use their showers. Unfortunately only two of them were (semi) working but in true 4K style we improvised using the sinks and were just grateful to wash off a bit. We got back to the church at the same time as the food van which today was commanded by Natalie and Joe. They brought in a great haul, mostly from St. Louis, that included a box of apples, a box of potatoes, a box of cucumbers, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, Subway subs, Five Guys burgers, and all kinds of other food items! Thanks to all of the amazing restaurants and businesses that have supported us during this journey!    



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