Day#33 I just love the 4K :)

Day #33: 104 team miles
Evansville, Indiana – Louisville, Kentucky
Running Partner: Christina and Kenzie

Here is a link to the news report we were in last night!


Today I ran in memory of Christy Jones who lost her battle to colon cancer last August. I also dedicated my run to the kids at Camp Kemo who have or are affected by cancer. My freshman cyear of college we raised money for Camp Kemo through the Dance Marathon program and I’m hoping we can bring it back to campus this year! Here is a link to the Camp Kemo website:

The first two miles of the day everyone who wanted to run ran a mile out and mile back as a group with Ms. Pam! She was behind our being able to stay at the church and has an eamazing story! Pam told us how she has run one marathon and seven half marathons and lost 100 pounds so far through running! Pam also organized a church team for a colon run in which they won the largest team and the most money raised, in Christy’s honor. She is a very inspiring lady and I loved getting to run with her and hearing her story. 🙂 Sadly though we had to say our goodbyes to this awesome host and head on the run towards Kentucky!

Running wise it was a shorter day and we just had two more legs of 3 miles each to complete our 8 individual miles for the day. There was a little bit of confusion however so things took a little bit longer than usual as we tried to figure out who is injured and who could run. Christina, Kenzie and I made an awesome team and Kenzie was able to run without shooting pains, the entire distance, for the first time in a long time! We had some great times! It was such a blast! And it was almost entirely downhill, just a long continuous downhill! We also saw an adorable dog and had a huge shoulder to run on. All of which made for a great day!

After running we split into two groups, half of which headed to the host and half headed to Lake Patoka. This lake had a beach and somewhat murky seaweed-filled waters but it felt amazing to swim around!b

Everywhere we go we meet people who stop and ask us about our trip. They see our vans or our jerseys and wonder about our journey. A lady who was floating in the lake called out to us as we were wading back. She and her daughter were amazed and super excited when they heard about the 4K. Another couple of men and women saw our team and donated $20 “for something good.” It’s so heartwarming to see people’s support and interest in this program! We always say though it’s a cool thing we’re doing, the amazing thing is those we are doing it for! 🙂

We dried off a bit and hung out before leaving Indiana and heading to the Louisville YMCA. After a nap in the van we had arrived! The food van had secured Jimmy John’s sandwich meals for the team so we had plenty to eat. We also had showers downstairs which was a huge luxury! And we got to meet Doug, an alumni from the 4K Seattle (bike) team 2012, who he told us about their adventures/is staying with us tonight and is going to volunteer with us tomorrow.

And best of all I got an awesome care package from my sorority’s advisor, Tara!!!! It had some delicious treats inside and was super sweet of her to send! Whenever we have a mail drop it’s like Christmas! A YMCA guy came in with a cart of packages and started to call out name and the amood is just so festive. 🙂 I also got a fantastic postcard from my older brother Jordan, he is so sweet to send them and I’ve received a number of them from him throughout the trip! I also received a super cool Stop Pre shirt in the mail! The only thing is I’m not sure who sent it! It didn’t have a return address, note or name? It’s a mystery but if it was from you thanks so much!!! What a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!



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