Day#34 Louisville, kids and a life-saving opportunity!

Day #34: REST DAY
Louisville, Kentucky

Today was a wonderful day! One of my absolutely fantastic sorority sisters, Jenna, recently moved to Louisville and picked me up for lunch and a tour of the town! Jenna is seriously the sweetest, kindest and most caring person ever!! She even gave me a Panhellenic shirt from University of Louisville. 🙂 We started our afternoon at Los Aztecas Mexican restaurant on Main Street where we had a delicious meal. Then just as it started to drizzle we walked down to the Louisville Slugger Museum where we got a picture with the iconic & GIGANTIC baseball bat outside. We peeked in at the Wall of Names (where major league players have signed their signatures) and gift shop before heading on our way. Jenna and I then crossed the bridge back into Indiana towards Jeffersonville to look for a “Welcome to Indiana” sign. Unfortunately we couldn’t find one but I didm2 get a quick picture of the Kentucky state sign! Our team has tried to get pictures with all of the state signs but unfortunately the past few have been on major interstates where it isn’t safe to stop. Jenna knew so much and I was able to learn a lot about Louisville and all of the cool things that the city has to offer! We went to Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is held and got a picture with the horse statue in front. I also got to see the University of Louisville where Jenna is working as a graduate assistant and going to grad school starting in August. The campus is beautiful! And on the bridges you can see “watermarks” which show how high the flood waters from the Ohio river have reached. As we drove around we talked about the 4K and her awesome m3adventures and admired how different each of the houses are here. Each one is unique and lovely in its’ own way. She also pointed out to me a bunch of different awesome restaurants and ice cream places which I will have to try someday when I come back to visit. 😛 After our sightseeing excursion she came back with me to the YMCA to check out our living quarters (which were in a bit of disarray with our sleeping bags and care packages all about) and then sadly we had to say “until next time.” Hopefully she’ll come visit Newberry sometime soon, but in the meantime she has such a cool life, and I can’t wait to hear about all of her adventures!!!! 🙂     

Right after saying goodbye to Jenna, a man who works at the YMCA showed us where we would be volunteering for a bit, in the gym! We got to serve lunch to a large group of energetic kids and then (BEST PART) we got to play with them!! The group I was hanging out with were all little kids, most were 6 years old or younger, and a few were babies! Literally just starting to toddle around babies!!! They were absolutely adorable and all swarmed around us! 🙂 I love kids and had a great m4time playing catch, basketball, hula hoop, spinning around, playing tag and all kinds of other games they came up with. It was sad having to leave them – I wish we could have stayed all day!!! It was so much fun! But it was dinnertime and the kids either went home or up to the daycare rooms. We however headed to Zoe’s Kitchen which serves delicious Greek food and donated all of our meals for free!!! It was super kind of them and really showed how wonderfully generous people have been in helping out our group. Full and happy we headed back to the Y where I got to talk to my older brother, relax and reflect on another great 4K day!    

*Another thing I thought about this evening was having talked to Zach about his mom (who had a bone marrow transplant that helped save her life.) He said he had signed up to be on images[1]the bone marrow registry and I decided I would too. So today I found the website: and found out just how easy the process is! All you have to do is register online, a few weeks later they send you a kit and you swab your cheeks with Q tips and send it back. Then they do some tests and put you in the registry. And if you are matched with a donor (only 1 in 500 people ever are) you can save a life! Please consider joining me by signing up for the registry today! Especially if you are between the ages of 18-44! Thank you!!!




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