Day#36 Hey Ohio!

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Day #36: 83 team miles
Lexington, Kentucky – Cincinnati, Ohio
Running Partner: Joe

I can’t believe it’s day 36! Time really has flown and now we just have 6 days left of the trip… And if you look on a map it really looks like we’ve gone a long way (cause we have :P).

Running for Robbie -> Today I ran for the kids that Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority (of which I am a member) serves through the Robbie Page Memorial Fund (RPM). Robbie Page was the son of a Tri Sigma National President who always wanted to help people and said “I want to have all my birthdays right now so I can grow up and help people.” 🙂 Sadly he passed away at age 5 of bulbar polio in 1951.To honorrobbie[1] Robbie, Tri Sigma members started RPM to fund polio research projects, and then in 1954 it became the official philanthropy of the sorority. When a cure was found for polio, RPM started to fund “therapeutic play” which evolved to become one of the most important types of children’s therapy and is used to cope with the treatments and outcomes of their illnesses. Hundreds of children are helped annually through the RPM Fund sigmawhich supports local and national grants, including training fellowships at Children’s Medical Center Dallas and NC Children’s Hospital-UNC Chapel Hill. It also supports play atriums that provide children a safe place to play in these hospitals. My chapter of Tri Sigma is planning to volunteer at NC Children’s Hospital when I get back to school this fall. 😉

I also ran for a sweet older lady my sister knows who goes by the name “Peaches” and is battling cancer. Please keep her and all hospitalized children in your thoughts and prayers! Thank you!


6 Here’s a little bit of inspiration from the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge! It was sad to leave our lovely host but we had these sweet sentiments to remind us that cancer is very limited in its power against the human spirit. 🙂


Last night our leg leaders looked and looked for safe roads to run on but just couldn’t find any options that would work. Soooo we got to do some trail running!!!! We went to East Fork State Park where a 5mile/10mile race was about to begin. The 10 mile racers were doing two loops and the 5 mile racers did one so some of us followed the route they had taken. Though the set mileage for the day was 8 individual miles, Joe and I did two of the 5 mile loops to make our personal mileage 10 and it felt great! The trail was beautiful and we saw a number of deer right along the route. They were so peaceful and serene and just watched us for a bit before slipping 3deeper into the woods. There were a few muddy patches that were slippery but for the most part we just had to avoid roots and could enjoy the path. I love running on trails like that one and felt like I could run all day. We also had a very interesting conversation and Joe shared some of his reasons for being a vegan (outside of the trip). He decided not to eat vegan for the trip because he said he didn’t want to be a burden for the group, since it’s a harder diet to sustain in a situation such as ours, (where you rely on food donations). He had to re-adjust a few weeks before the trip to eating things like meat and dairy and told me how it had made him sick to do so. 😦 He said he’ll be returning to veganism right after the 4K because he feels so much better eating that way. It was cool hearing his reasoning and how much being vegan has benefitted him.

After finishing for the day we drove the rest of the way to Cincinnati (I must have slept through crossing the state line into Ohio) and we were able to take showers at a local YMCA. It was really kind of them to let us use their facilities! YMCAs have been great hosts across the country 1whether for showers or as places to sleep. It was also exciting because they had 9 showers in the women’s locker room, cutting down on wait time! (We have 21 girls and 4 guys so there’s usually a bit of a wait on the female side).

Then clean and dry we drove to Vineyard Westside Church where we were met with snacks by the awesome pastor! He even had coolers with water bottles and the church just has a very comfy atmosphere. The best part is they’re making us dinner tonight AND breakfast tomorrow morning. 🙂 The food van was pretty successful getting a variety of snacks for tomorrow so we have lots of food! It’s quite wonderful when our hosts provide dinner because then we also get a chance to get to know them better so exciting times to come!

2 I also got to donate my shoes today!


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