Day#38 Connections

Day #38: REST DAY
Columbus, Ohio

I can’t believe we only have 4 more days until we run into Baltimore!! And I am getting closer and closer to my fundraising goal of $4,500! But I need your help! If you are able and haven’t yet, please consider clicking on this link to donate: – all of the money will go to help young adults with cancer through the Ulman Cancer Fund. 🙂 For all of you who have donated – THANK YOU!!! Hope everyone is well and having a great summer!


Today was a very peaceful rest day. We hung around the Gathering Place (our host) and were treated to breakfast AND lunch by some of the wonderful members of the Church of the Messiah. 2aLater I walked down the main stretch of uptown Westerville, where the church is located, and even managed to find a magnet for my collection. 🙂 And….another exciting discovery of the day…we happened to be staying almost right next door to the Columbus Running Company!!!

Around 5:15 this afternoon it was time to head into Columbus to the Navigator Management Partners Office building where they were hosting a fundraiser dinner and silent auction to benefit the James Cancer Hospital ( through Pelotonia.    

*Pelotonia, a not for profit organization, is a grassroots bike tour whose one goal is to end cancer. 5aIt raises millions of dollars each year for cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. It’s a three-day event that includes cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. The expenses of having the ride are covered by funding partners so that 100% of every dollar raised by riders goes directly to fund cancer research. Check it out at

The fundraiser dinner was delicious and included some absolutely amazing mac and cheese as well as a free funnel cake cart and games for the many children. 🙂 While there we had the chance to talk with a prominent leader at the James Cancer Hospital, who is participating in Pelotonia with his son, and has done so for the past years. It was very inspiring to hear about another group 6aof people’s efforts in the fight against cancer and so kind of the Navigator Management Partners to host us for dinner. It was also a special evening because we had a guest of our own, we got to hand out another scholarship! The recipient was a young woman (whose mother passed away from cancer) and is looking to attend college this fall. It was really cool to meet her and share our stories with her about the 4K.    

Another special part of the evening was finding out that an artist at Navigator Management Partners had created a mural on one of the walls in the office building in honor of the fight against 4acancer. When Team Portland (one of the bike teams that is also part of the 4K for Cancer who we met up with in Yuma, Colorado) visited in early June they had signed where the artist had painted a 4K for Cancer logo. He later added the 4K run symbol by which we all added our own signatures. What made us all pause however, was seeing Jamie Roberts signature up on the 1awall. Her team had been at this very place four days before she was killed by a truck while changing her tire on the side of the road. The people there remembered her…one lady remembered how Jamie had played with her son and all of the little children at the office and how her son had remembered and asked about her…another recalled meeting her and becoming Facebook friends with her and then learning of the tragedy… It’s hard to believe that she was here one day, in the exact same place that I stood, signing the exact same wall… And it makes me think of how precious life is and how amazing it was that Jamie has had an impact on so many people…even those she met for such a brief time period. Rest in peace Jamie…we run in honor and awe of you.     


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